Ambassadors of Integrity
& Power Ministries Inc.  

Titus 2: 7  in all things showing yourself to be a

 pattern of good works;in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility

AOIPIIM is a Ministry that is design to go to the nations by way of internet and going into the surrounding communities. We are glad that you stopped by our website and we pray that you be blessed by what you hear and read. Don't forget to stop by our donation page and give towards " A Gift of Love " also listen to our many audio messages and videos . We thank God for you and always pray for us as we move forward. There may be many that are called , but there are few that God has chosen and I thank God for being one of the chosen, that means my life belongs to him and not myself. Enjoy

Ministry Phone number: 704-968-7277

Email: [email protected]



Mission Statement

Ambassadors of Integrity and Power Ministries is called to walk in integrity and Power to teach the body of Christ that their word means everything to God and to the people of God. To be the best example of Gods word and to allow that word to shine through our life living in every way. As stated in Titus 2:7 In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works ; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence,incorruptibility.


The vision of Ambassadors of Integrity and Power Ministries is that this ministry will be a help to the body of Christ as well as our community. We will be going to the nursing homes and assisting with everyday care needs such as hygiene items. We will be assisting youth with educational matters such as GED, FAFSA,  and Grants also information that will get them further in their education. To be a help to upcoming new family with their everyday living through the word of God. We will also be a help to those ministries that want to take their ministry to the next Level by moving towards internet ministry.Most of all we will be carrying the word of God by way of Internet with broadcasting audio as well as videos, therefore taking Gods word to the nations. To launch Virtual Ministries all over the internet. To be a launching for those ministries that would like to get on the internet to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. To be accountable to our covering CBD (Covenant By Design International Ministries ) with Apostle P.J. Olasoji and Apostle Diane Curry. To be accountable to the body of Christ. A Ministry that will be the example of what Gods word tell us to do and to live. We will be making sure that our lives match the word of God and that those who are apart live according.

I Trust In God
Desmond Pringle (Psalms, Hymns, & Spritual Songs)