Ambassadors of Integrity
& Power Ministries Inc.  

Titus 2: 7  in all things showing yourself to be a

 pattern of good works;in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility

Visionary Overseer ( Prophetess ) Sharyl Burke

             Prophetess Burke is a woman of God that has a true love for Gods people. She is the mother of three awesome men of God. She is married and has been married for thirty years. God has chosen this woman of God to not be like the rest and to walk in the things he has ordained for her life. In 2000 she was ordained a Pastor and in 2002 She was ordained in the call of a Prophet by her spiritual mother and mentor. She gave her life to God at an early age and God placed a awesome spiritual mother and mentor in her life  "Apostle Dr. P.J. Olasoji ". She comes from a long line of strong spiritual women of God her mother played a most and very strong part in her life " Mother Sarah Ann Houston ". Through many hard turns in this life this woman of God has not given up of given in. Many ministries as well as businesses was birth through this woman of God. The ministries that God has birth through the woman of God is  AGOL ( A Gift of Love),  WWOS ( Women and Wives of Sacrifice ), FLIP ( First ladies of Integrity and Power ), SNW ( Sista's N White ) just to name a few. The business that God has birth through the woman of God is as follow ( CMBN ) Comfort memories by Nana, (ECS) Elegance, Classy and Sassy Earrings. She is always looking to hear what God has to say about what ever she takes on.  She has her favorite saying " I will lay it all on the line for God ". We have seen her lay many things down to be in right fellowship with the Lord. Many have walked away yet this woman of God stands and she stands for that which is right. 

Ministry Covering (Covenant By Design)

Dr. Paulette Jones Olasoji is a  woman of integrity. She is one who believes in all people striving to fulfill their full potential. Among her educational accomplishments are graduations from Tompkins High School (1968), Armstrong State College(1971), Faith hope Charity Church School of Motivation (1983) and Jacksonville Theological Seminary(1998) where she received  her Doctorate of Religious Philosophy in Christian Education. She also received a Certificate of Counseling in the Enrichment Area of Counseling from the Pastoral Care Counseling Center of Savannah in (1988).

Dr. Olasoji is also a prolific author. She wrote the introduction to and co-edited A Force To Be Reckoned With by Dr. Bill Gilbert. She has written eleven books of her own all of which have been published: Ode to the Children, Statistics, Growing Pain, God's Chosen Few, Life's Revelations, I Want To Have A Baby: Teenage Crave, and Exit 19. Her other titles include Mama's Healing Hands, Broken Vessels and In My Father's House, In My Mother's Womb A Second Time and many more to come. She has written numerous articles, poems and short stories for WORD ALIVE magazine. She has served as a staff writer for The God's Written Word Sunday School Quarterly. Her tape and book ministry has enabled her to carry the gospel nationally, and internationally.

Dr. Olasoji's affixations and awards include a nomination for the " Most Outstanding Young Woman In America," the inclusion in the 1991 edition of America's 1000 Most Notable Women. She was also include in 1999, America's Most Outstanding Executives. She served as representative of Life Line For Children in the Burroughs Community. She served as Associate Pastor of the Faith Hope Charity Evangelistic ministries, where Dr. Bill Gilbert is the Pastor and founder. In December 1999, she was installed as Pastor of the Abundant Life Christian Center of Savannah, Georgia. She is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel(1981), an ordained Evangelist (1983), and an ordained Chief Apostle (2002)

The Lord is yet calling her to a higher calling. Having been elevated to the position of Overseer, She oversees many ministries


                               *Apostles Ministries*  

Apostle Diane Curry is an awesome woman of God that have chosen to stand with Apstle Olasoji that the kingdom may come alive in the vision.